Ways To Get Rid Of Swimming Pool Algae

Most swimming pool owners have at one or the other time faced the problem of algae in their pool. Algae are creatures that thrive in warm and sunny weather; since they have chlorophyll in them they flourish using photosynthesis. The reasons for the spread of algae can be weather, poorly maintained equipment, etc. Click Here to know more about it. One of the primary reasons for the spread of algae is an improper use of chemicals in the swimming pool water. The review of the best pool cleaners states that removing algae is the most painstaking process as it blocks the pores of the filter and reduces the effectiveness of it and needs more backwashing. It is also a hogged with chlorine which should have been used for removing contaminants. Though algae are not harmful to swimmers, nobody will want to swim in a pool full of algae. You can review the health benefits of swimming here.

There are numerous methods to get relieved of algae, and it depends on the type of infestation. Listed below are a few ways.

Use Excess Chlorine
If your pool has a lot of algae and the water has turned dark green, then you should shock your pool with super chlorination. To clear the algae from your pool, you should put quadruple the amount of chlorine you use. The chemical should be mixed with a little water and blended well so that it is dissolved. The process should not be reversed, add chemicals to water instead, and the blended mixture should be poured into the pool. The mixture should be evenly distributed and should not be allowed to sit at the bottom. To evenly distribute it, you can use the pool’s filtration system to blend. You may need to repeat this process many times if you see no improvement in the water condition.

Regular Scrubbing
Prevention of algae is the best treatment; when you regularly scrub the pool, there is less accumulation of it on the walls or the surface. When you cleanse it often, the algae is not stuck to the surface and hence the usage if chemicals or any other form of cleaning is efficient. Check the pool thoroughly to find any location which contains algae and scrub them off immediately. You can employ nylon brush for this purpose. Also, remember that more often you clean the pool the fewer chances that algae gets accumulated and scrubbing the walls is an efficient way to control their growth.

Use Algaecide
Use of chemical called algaecide is the quickest and the easiest way to remove algae from your pool. It is a chemical which is used in aquariums, ponds, etc. to treat algae. These chemicals are found in two forms, metallic and quaternary ammonia. The metallic variety is made from copper and silver, though both are effective, the best for is the use of ammonia as it does not stain. It is also relatively cheaper when compared to metallic version. Check the type of algae found in your pool to decide the algaecide that you have to use. Some algaecides are made specially to get rid of tough algae. Post usage if this chemical, you should not use it for a day.

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