How To Choose Suitable Type Of Signage System?

The sign has for ages been a prominent communication medium for businesses to market their brand. With time the techniques and types of these signage systems have also evolved. Depending upon the type of end customer targeted, the product or service offering, the advertising budget of the company, we can choose from multiple choices of designs, size, and patterns available. signwriters p erth has installed some of the most famous signboards in the city. To know about various types of signage systems they and other signage companies offer you can visit

There are basically two types of sign boards options. Indoor and outdoor. Another display variation available is building mounted or freestanding. Building mounted is generally attached to the roof, parapet and are either perpendicular or horizontally based on the building design. These signs are mounted on a foundation and are mobile. Different type of signboards is:

1. 2D sign boards- These conventional sign boards made out of displaying information on a simple sheet with colorful paints are still widely used advertising options. Especially in small café’, restaurants or domestically startup shops use such signboards.
2. LED Sign Boards- These signboards are the eye-catching display which uses LED light to show high-resolution digital pictures. They work better in the night, usually used in malls and outdoor retail stores to attract passersby. They need constant electricity supply hence are generally switched off after the working hour to avoid any accident in off hours.
3. Acrylic signage boards- These use a glossy base with the company logo printed on it. Usually used in shops and offices for displaying the product and services offered.
4. Neon sign boards: Use of neon light brighten up the display which is easily visible from long distance. With the extra brightness, these signboards look very attractive.
5. Banners: These are used to display detailed information or product line. They have a broad reach and can be customized with graphics. They are bulky and are difficult to install single-handedly.
6. Electronic Signs: These are programmable, personalized and an option to change the display picture make these futuristic products. These sign boards are expensive and require a lot of maintenance.
7. Informational signage: These are basically placed to navigate an individual through the facility easily. These are mandatory to be used in public location like an airport, rail stations, malls, etc. All types of informational signage should be easy to read and communicate the message to the customer. Using of bold pictorial and alphabetic characters ensure smooth visibility of the signboards.
8. Window and building graphics: Some time the window or the building wall itself is used for advertising. Using your office location external windows and building to display your company Logo and other product & services offered. Certain disadvantages of these types of signs are they are difficult to install especially once the temperature falls below 5 degrees. Also, they are tough to be removed, if you decide to change your office location.
9. Digital Signboards: These signboards use technologies like projection, LCD, LED, cloud-based to display content like streaming videos, web pages, restaurant menu, mall or building outlay and information, etc. With options like touchscreen, the user can easily navigate through various pages and information easily.

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