How To Clean A Green Swimming Pool?


If your home swimming pool has turned green, do not worry. Treating such a green pool is easy, and even it can be cost effective if you follow the guidelines here. This short article is primarily for people like you to educate on how to clear green pool in your home. These tips shared here will work well for the average sized home pools that have around 10000 to 15000 gallons of water. For easy follow up the cleaning procedure has been illustrated in few easy steps.

Evaluate your pool

Consider the color of the pool whether it is green or black. Check whether your pool needs chemical treatment or needs to be completely drained and get it acid washed. Draining the pool may not be the right approach as it involves additional refilling cost and takes longer time. To determine the methods of cleaning, there is an indicator. If you see up to one foot below the water level, you can treat your pool easily. In such case follow the steps that are given below:

Step-by-step procedure

Test the water: Check the pH level of the water as it plays an important role. A high level can make the pool too cloudy. Use the pH test strip for your evaluation. If the level is high, add a gallon of the chemical namely the muriatic acid and test again for pH level after four hours.
Shock the pool: If the water still shows higher pH use granular chlorine and make the filter pump on for spreading the chlorine evenly around the pool. Use algaecide after few hours.

Use the pump as well as the filter for proper balance.
After a day of this operation, your pool will be clean and will not have the green color. Use the brush in case any patches of green are seen.
Repeat this process as and when your pool turns green.

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